Trademark Clearance

at Digital Speed

Add flexibility and collaboration to your clearance process

Trademark Clearance is a revolutionary new choice for clearing trademarks. It gives you the power to perform clearance searches in minutes, with advanced tools that enhance collaborative decision-making. Access it anytime via our SERION® online trademark environment.

  • Meet the future.

    Watch the Trademark Clearance introduction video.

    Launch Brands Faster

    Clear new trademarks faster than ever—around the clock. Make informed decisions rapidly to stay ahead of your competition.

  • Hear from a peer.

    Learn what Colleen Flynn Goss has to say about the benefits of Trademark Clearance. Download the case study.

    Maximize Your Flexibility

    Clear multiple marks in a single sitting. Refine your logic as you go, shaping your search to zero in on relevant results quickly.

  • See it in action.

    Watch the Trademark Clearance online demo.

    Manage Your Budget

    Respond to budget pressures with a subscription model that offers a predictable cost.